The Easy Route to Get Great Vehicle Wraps on the Move with Centurion S
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The Easy Route to Get Great Vehicle Wraps on the Move

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Making the most of all the branding opportunities your organisation has is vital these days, and as we’ve mentioned previously Vehicle Wraps and Graphics are key element of this. In the following article we are going to explain how we have created an easy route for businesses of all sizes to get great vehicle wraps with limited disruption to your schedule.


Why Vehicle Wraps are a Powerful Marketing Tool


According the UK Government statistics, the average driver in our country spends 1 month behind the wheel each year. This is a serious amount of road viewing time every week, which means we see A LOT on our travels!


So it’s important to think of your vehicles as moving billboards that are representing your brand, and spreading its’ name and message across hundreds of miles (maybe thousands) each month.


In the UK you would pay, on average, anywhere between £2000 - £9000 per month for billboard advertising depending on location and type of billboard. This is only for one month generally at fixed locations… If you wrap your vehicle and ensure the same level of consideration in the design, you would more than certainly be paying less than this monthly cost as a one off for years of visibility, , in a variety of locations with increased exposure.


Some other vehicle related benefits to consider are:


  • Protects your paintwork.
  • Transforms the look of your vehicle (you can make an older vehicle look new!)
  • Prevents rust.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Easily replaced.


Our Vehicle Wraps Process


Our goals for customer’s vehicle wraps are:

1.      To create a striking design that matches and enhances the brand vision.

2.      Provide the highest quality application results.

3.      Ensure the vehicle is off the road for the shortest time possible.


As a full service signage provider, we can be involved from the very beginning of the process, taking you through the design phase, application and then delivery. A vital stage within the vehicle wraps process is ‘logistical planning’.


Our design team work closely with our technicians to ensure the vision can match the vehicle shape and condition. We will also have full knowledge of the time required for the entire process. This means we can guide you, the customer, when it comes to providing the vehicle for application.


If you have a fleet to be wrapped then we will create a timetable to ensure there is very little or no disruption to your business.


For single vehicle wraps, you can be confident that we have the capacity and expertise to ensure that the process is carried out quickly to the highest standards possible. You can learn about our application process and clean room facilities in this previous article, ‘Have Your Vehicle Wrap Graphics Professionally Printed and Fitted’.




The correct vehicle wraps can act as a window, not only for the purpose of displaying methods of contact and range of services offered, but done well they’ll say a lot about your business. They will paint a picture of professionalism, an association with quality and recognition of reliability.

So whether your vehicle is small or large, few or many, two wheel or four, requiring graphics ranging from cut vinyl decals to complex full body vehicle wraps, Centurion Signs UK will create and apply striking designs to the bodywork of your vehicles. Contact us today and let’s chat. 


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