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In a recent article we discussed the benefit of vehicle graphics to advertising your business, but today we want to discuss ‘Vehicle Wraps’. So to begin with, what is the difference?


Well although part of the process of both vehicle graphics (sometimes known as sign writing) and vehicle wraps is the same, there is a notable difference that can have quite a visual effect! With typical graphics, the original factory paintwork remains as the dominant colour of the vehicle with the decals providing business details such as company logo, telephone number or web address. Vehicle wrapping involves either covering a section of your vehicle, or the whole thing, with special self-adhesive print work.


Vehicle Wraps Application Process


This is a process that requires high levels of skill and experience, of which our team have in spades. Let’s look back at this VERY old video from our archives that shows the process of completely wrapping a car:


Quality Assurance: What to Look Out For


The Design


To begin with, the design needs to fit and work with the vehicle. When fitting vehicle wraps the panel shapes, plastic panels, and the gaps and joins within the vehicle must be accounted for; If not the design may simply not work. So it’s important you choose an experienced supplier that can provide professional guidance here, ensuring you end up with your desired effect.


Wrap Material Used

There are many high and low quality vinyl manufacturers out there, and like all materials – you get what you pay for.


It may be hard to tell the difference between the vinyl materials used on a freshly wrapped vehicle straight away. However, a year or two down the line when it begins to fade or peel, you’ll know then!


So our advice: Pay for quality and discuss this with your supplier.


The Production Facility

Why spend all that time on a fantastic design and application when the print quality is low, and there are dust particles and other foreign materials all over the vehicle…?


The equipment range and facility your supplier owns is vital.


It is important they have printers that can match each vinyl manufacturers unique print profile. Otherwise the print colours may look dull, or even over saturated, as the print profile tells the printer how much ink to lay on that particular material.


Also, find out if the application will take place inside or out. How can you possibly avoid large and small dust particles on the surface of the vehicle outside?


A Word from Our Designers


Our design manager David has been with Centurion Signs for many years and been involved with thousands of vehicle wraps. He shares his beliefs on the process often;


“A vehicle wrap can literally transform a vehicle; even an old van can look new and pretty impressive if the wrapping process and design are on point. It’s simply a case of talking to your supplier, explaining what you’re looking for, and believe me – taking their advice! The bitterness of a poor job will last longer than the initial sweetness of a cheap price.”


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