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The Importance of High Quality Shop Signs

June 27, 2016

For shop owners, the importance of good quality shop signs cannot be understated. All businesses must rely on visual marketing to attract new customers, convey their brand and appeal to the aesthetic desires of their market, and nowhere is this truer than with shop signs.

A poorly designed or constructed sign could turn off even the most open-minded window-shopper before they even step foot through the door, and in a busy high-street or shopping centre environment, standing out from the competition is paramount.

Although it is true that very good quality does not always come cheap, not every sign needs to break the bank! Investing in a well-designed, well-made sign could actually lead to greater sales and in fact save money in the long run.

If you consider the cost of running one newspaper advert per month in the local press; this may cost around £250 per advert over 12 months, equating to £3,000. This could go a long way in the creation of highly effective, good quality shop signs, and statistics show these could drive more sales through your shop business.

Shop owners have a lot of factors to consider when thinking about their signage and there are many reasons why investing in quality shop signs can help overcome many of the considerations that arise.

Shop Sign Design Options

High-quality digital and illuminated signs can add a modern, professional edge to businesses such as letting agents, banks and restaurants. The quality of wiring and components in these signs are paramount in order to be energy efficient and reliable for considerable time. Effects such as 3D, flat-cut and raised lettering can add a striking visual element to shop signs, but can appear unprofessional and cheap if the build is not of a good quality.

The installation of shop signs is also hugely important, as the way any sign is finally displayed can affect its visual appeal. At Centurion Signs we are fully accredited by organisations such as CHAS, Constructionline and Public Contracts Scotland, and our installers are fully qualified and regularly inspected to ensure complete safety and quality in all of our installations.

Good Reflection of Brand

The most obvious advantage of a high-quality shop sign is that it gives a strong message about the quality of the business and its brand. Nothing creates more instant appeal for a shopper than a visually pleasing or striking shop sign, especially one that looks sturdy, is free of defects and gives a professional feeling. Shop signs don’t just attract people through the door, but also draw attention to certain products, services and other information inside the shop itself.

Durability of Materials

As with all products, selection of materials is crucial in determining the life-span and durability of a sign. Exterior signs in Glasgow have an ever-changing environment to contend with, whether it’s rain, snow, wind or sun. Scottish weather can take its toll on shop signs, so it’s important that they are manufactured from durable and weather-resistant materials. In addition to this, digital or illuminated signs require quality, watertight construction to protect the electrics inside.

Material choice is also important for interior signs, as sunlight can damage and discolour window signs, whilst other signage requires good durability against general wear and tear.

Though a shop sign made from higher-quality materials or manufacturing techniques may cost a little more, it will have a greater general durability and will provide a long-term saving on repairs or replacements.

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