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Benefits of Digital Signage

August 8, 2016

Digital Signage Blog

Digital signs are becoming more popular, and for good reason. From saving money to attracting more attention from potential customers, digital signage can be of major benefit to your company.

One of the main advantages of using digital signage is its ease of use. It only takes a few clicks to change the displays of multiple screens nationwide from one central location. This allows for brand consistency to be easily achieved and maintained.

Displays can also be updated to accommodate changes that may occur throughout the day, for instance with menus for different times of day, price changes or availability information. Using Cloud systems the displays can be scheduled to change automatically, reducing the staff workload of manually updating signage. This control over content removes the need to re-manufacture signage and eliminates the wait for printed materials with close deadline for sales promotions or events.

Why use Digital Signage?

Digital signage is perfect for the environmentally conscious, or those looking to save a bit of money. The screens only require a small amount of energy to run and printing is no longer required which saves paper, ink and transport. It also means any printing mistakes that would be costly using traditional signage can be amended quickly and without additional cost.

High-quality, animated graphics and videos increase interaction with customers. Touchscreen displays and the ability to post customer photos and social media posts in real time further the engagement between customers and the signs. By adding QR codes to the signs also allows customers to download complementary information straight to their mobile phones. Digital screens make shop fronts more enticing and as a result, customers spend more time in the stores. Placing digital screens close to the point of purchase can further influence the customers’ purchasing decisions.

Centurion Signs offers high quality digital signage available for a wide range of uses, from retail signage to menu boards to point of sale promotion.

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    Stephen Dunn
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