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Choosing an Accredited Sign Maker

July 21, 2016

Choosing an Accredited Sign Maker

As a buyer looking for a sign maker with a professional ordering process and good customer service, it is essential to choose a supplier that meets or exceeds your own standards for excellence. An easy way to identify a reputable and high-quality supplier is through their accreditations.

The importance of accreditations cannot be understated. Not only are they a clear sign that your prospective supplier has met the standards set out by the respective accreditors, but it shows there are practices in place within the company that ensure their service will be of the best quality and reliable for you the buyer. They are a guarantee of sorts that ensures the supplier doesn’t cut corners or uphold poor company standards.

With sign makers, there are many different accreditations that signify specific, approved standards to be found within the company. These endorse practices of the sign maker such as environmental management, procurement, health & safety and public contracts, all of which are vital in the sale, manufacture and distribution of signs and are a good sign of reliability and quality of service.

Sign Maker Accreditations

Firstly, an environmental management accreditation shows the supplier’s awareness of eco-friendly policies and processes. For a sign maker, this means that every stage of the sign making process is performed with environmentally-conscious standards in mind, including the recycling of waste materials, reducing the carbon footprint of distribution and increasing the energy-efficiency of powered signs. Choosing a sign maker with environmental management accreditation means that the sign produced will have as little environmental impact as possible.

Procurement and supply chain management companies such as Constructionline provide accreditations that increase the efficiency of tender between buyer and supplier. Their approval is another guarantee of quality from a sign maker, not only by showing that they uphold good practices, but also by making choice and contact much easier as a prospective buyer. Standard company information held on accredited procurement databases is constantly assessed, updated and monitored to ensure a streamlined procurement process for buyers in the public or private sector.

A sign maker with health & safety accreditations is one that has undergone thorough auditing and assessment throughout all parts of the business to ensure that high safety standards have been implemented and upheld. This encompasses every part of the sign making process, from safety protocols in manufacturing, to build quality in the completed sign to guarantee safe installation and lifespan. It is essential as a buyer to know that a newly installed sign is free from defects or flaws that may make it dangerous to your employees, customers or members of the public So choosing a sign maker with appropriate health & safety accreditations means that their products have been manufactured with the highest care, quality and reliability in mind.

Additionally, accreditation for public contracts is another indication of excellent quality from a sign maker. Supplying to organisations in the public sector such as healthcare, education and emergency services brings a large degree of responsibility. So for a sign maker to be approved for public works contracts cements them as a reputable, reliable and good quality supplier. Signage comes under as much scrutiny as any facility, service or product within the public sector, and sign makers must meet and maintain a very high standard of practice in order to achieve the right accreditation.


Centurion Signs are accredited by Constructionline, CHAS and Public Contracts Scotland, and are currently undergoing the accreditation process for ISO9001 and ISO14001 for Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems respectively.

By working with Centurion Signs, you can be confident that processes are in place that ensures consistent quality in service and production; all staff are trained and certified in their respective roles and are part of our continuous development program.



  • "First class job done by all the team at Centurion after the recent install of our Princess Royal Event Centre Large format backdrop and signage panels. The weather was very challenging on the day of install but the finish was outstanding and I speak for all at Ayr Racecourse in saying thank you!"

    Stephen Dunn
  • " As always very happy with the service provided by Centurion"

    David Evans
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