Housebuilding & Construction Signs

Housebuilding-&-Construction-Signs-18Centurion Signs UK are a market leader and have unrivaled experience in supplying all signage requirements to the UK housebuilding and construction industries.

We provide a turnkey service that includes the provision of all exterior and interior signage requirements, including:

  • Sales & Marketing Suites (Interior & Exterior)
  • Site & Sales Signage
  • Hoarding
  • Flags & Banners
  • Digital Signage
  • Health & Safety Signs




Housebuilding-&-Construction-Signs-12Sales & Marketing Suites

Our Turnkey service provides a solution to all of your sales & marketing suite requirements, including: external branding, signage, flags & banners and the design & creation of your interior environment.

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Housebuilding-&-Construction-Signs-13Digital Signage

In this fast paced digital world the requirement for instant change and update has become great. With business and organisations competing to get their latest message or listings seen, time and clarity are key factors.

So with our Android Cloud & Windows based software our customers are able to change their displays remotely, in seconds, when their latest design or listing is ready.



Site hoarding is a vital part of any new construction project, providing both security and advertising for the site.  We have provided bespoke hoarding for a diverse range of projects, all printed to a high spec and expertly installed on site.

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Housebuilding-&-Construction-Health-&-SafetyHealth & Safety Signs

Health & Safety signs are a legal requirement in the majority of workplaces. So to ensure your company is compliant we’ve made things as simple and straight forward as possible with our online shop:

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