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Shop Signs Glasgow: designed and manufactured in the West of Scotland

Shop signs, Glasgow especially, are key in building the right picture for your business. Around 76% of customers enter a shop because of the shop sign. Likewise, it has been found that ugly shop signs can possibly put off a portion of shoppers. At Centurion Signs, we appreciate the significance of persuasive shop signs.

Through our long history, we have created an incredibly large range of shop signs for Glasgow businesses. Over this time, we have improved our processes to guarantee we give the most incredible quality service. We can also provide specialist requirements.

What Kind Of Shop Sign Can I Choose?

Shop signs come in numerous forms including: Illuminated Signs, Aluminum Folded Signs, Projecting Signs and some more. It is vital that the right shop sign is chosen for your business so that it brings in customers.

Shop Signs Glasgow

Shop Signs Glasgow Examples!

Some more shop signs:

There is a vast array of materials and styles which can be used to build the perfect shop signs for your Glasgow business. It has never been more straightforward to choose your perfect sign.

Here are a few examples:

  • Blurb Cases and Boxes
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Bar and Wire Systems
  • Purpose of Sale Cards and Displays
  • Advanced Screens
  • Flags and Hanging Displays
  • Sign Directory
  • Window/Glass Graphics and Manifestations
  • Move up and Pop-up Displays
  • Divider Displays

Shop Signs Reflect Your Brand and Image

Your shop sign is often the first thing shoppers see and can make or break your business. Close to 70% of customers say that shop signs reflect the quality of service and goods within.

The signs you use outside your business ought to mirror the essential components of your organisation: image style, identity and ethos.

By showing a reasonable, alluring sign outside your shop will promote your business in the right way. Encouraging them to visit your shop.

Stand out from the crowd

Making an alluring shop sign can help your business to emerge on a bustling road, drawing clients towards your shop. It can act as a real differentiator between you and your competitors.

Check out our portfolio of shop signs Glasgow businesses have gained success from!

Make Impulse Sales

Today customers tend to much more impulsive. To take advantage of this, it is crucial to have excellent signage. Showing clear, appealing shop signs will get the consideration of buyers – urging them to enter your shop. When you have figured out how to tempt them in, they are a great deal more prone to make a buy, boosting your numbers.

Shop Signs Help Customers Find You!

How often have you travelled to an unfamiliar area to visit a business but become completely lost because of the lack of signage? Make it easy for customers to find your shop with a great shop sign.

If you are not located on a busy street, strategically placed shop signs can have a big impact. Direct customers towards your business!

We can also help with nighttime visibility. In Glasgow, this is especially important because of the long winter nights where it is likely to be dark during business hours.


Not just does your shop sign get clients when you are open, it promotes your business all day, every day. Studies have shown that the addition of an illuminated exterior shop sign or even internal signage can have a direct improvement on sales.

In a recent study, it was found that ‘saw it while passing’ to be the top answer when shoppers were asked how they found out about a local business!

A Cheap Form Of Advertising

A well designed, appropriate shop sign that promotes your business and services could be a lot cheaper than a regular newspaper advert. Investing in an effective shop sign will be an investment for your business’ future.

Reinforce the brand

A great shop sign can act as excellent brand awareness as people walk or drive by your store. Keep your business at the front of potential and existing customers’ minds!

It has been shown that a typical shops’ customer base is built on locals who live or work within a few miles of it.

Attract Impulsive Shoppers with a shop sign

Did you know that anywhere between 20% and 45% of purchases are made on impulse? Take advantage of this fact by investing in a bright, inviting shop sign Glasgow shoppers cannot miss!

Interested in Shop Signs for your Glasgow business?

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Shop Signs Glasgow. Make your business stand out with a shop sign from Centurion Signs.


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