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Monoliths are a great outdoor advertising option!

A monolith is a large, visually striking and sturdy form of free-standing outdoor sign, often used in open areas such as business complexes or public parks. They can be used to mark the entrance way or to direction road traffic and pedestrians on site. They can be utilised by a variety of different businesses and act as a standout landmark upon which to display a company’s brand.

Bold & Striking Monoliths

The most obvious advantage of monolith signs over traditional free-standing signs is their size. They are often very tall objects that can be easily seen from a distance, which when combined with bold aesthetic design and branding, can be much more attention-grabbing and impressive than a regular outdoor sign. Monoliths can be illuminated by LEDs to allow them to be easily read in low light. Their three-dimensional design also allows them to act as obvious landmarks, making your business easy to locate from any location.


Due to their design and construction, monolith signs are often a longer-lasting and more durable alternative to traditional signs. Most designs are block-like, consisting of an inner frame surrounded by polymer or metal sheets. They are incredibly sturdy and manufactured from high-quality, weather resistant materials.

Design Options

Designs utilised for monolith signs have the option of being more creative than a flat, printed graphic. They can be flat, curved, triangle, and either single or double sided – which is great for viewing from both sides of the road. Or if you would prefer a custom style, our design team can work with you to create something unique.

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