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Centurion Signs’ favoured solution for quality and efficiency reasons is LED illumination. The latest environmentally friendly LED (light emitting diode) lighting systems offer lower energy consumption than other lighting options, and their small size allows for an almost infinite number of combinations for colour, shape and intensity of illumination.

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By opting for LED signs businesses can make savings of up to 80% on their energy bills over fluorescent or neon alternatives. However, this is only one of the many benefits mentioned below:

The Benefits of LED Signs

  1. Long Life

High quality LED’s can last for as long as 100,000 hours illuminated. This is significantly longer than any fluorescent or neon bulbs; In fact, up to 5 years longer on average.

  1. Brighter Light

One distinguishing factor of LED signs is the levels of light emitted. LED’s can emit very bright and consistent light that stands out both in sunlight and at night. This is highly beneficial for business wishing to be noticed by passing trade 24 hours a day. This enhanced level of brightness also last a lot longer than light levels in alternative forms of illumination.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Typical LED signs use only around 10 watts of power, which is around 80% less energy than neon or systems.  Therefore this reduced power requirement is a lot kinder to the environment, with less of a strain on energy resources.

The added environmental benefit of LED’s is that they do not produce toxic gases such mercury or argon produced by fluorescent and neon bulbs.

  1. Low Maintenance

Due to the longer lifespan, consistent light levels and efficiencies, LED signs require far less maintenance than alternatives. The size and material used in LED’s also makes them harder wearing and unlikely to break/smash.

  1. Greater Design Freedom

The small size, brightness, colour options and flexible array designs of LED’s provides sign designers with far more freedom and scope for design. LED’s are lighter in weight and, as they are small and typically delivered in an array, can fit in smaller spaces and turn tighter corners than larger ridged bulbs.

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  • "First class job done by all the team at Centurion after the recent install of our Princess Royal Event Centre Large format backdrop and signage panels. The weather was very challenging on the day of install but the finish was outstanding and I speak for all at Ayr Racecourse in saying thank you!"

    Stephen Dunn
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    David Evans
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