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Business Signs

The key to attracting customers lies in the use of high-quality business signs. Whether it’s for a high-street retail shop, restaurant, hotel or office, having quality signage goes a long way towards drawing in the target market and giving a good impression of the business. There are many different advantages to business signs, and with the high manufacturing quality and range of design options available from an accredited sign maker like Centurion Signs, business owners can be sure that they will see a definite return on their investment.


The most obvious advantage to business signs is that they clearly identify the premises of a company. Seen from a distance, branded signage allows customers to easily locate a business on a busy high street or in a retail park.

At Centurion Signs, we can design bold and visually stunning business signs that help easily identify whilst reflecting a strong brand and style. Additionally, having us design an illuminated sign can help a business stand out even more at night time.


Shops and offices of all kinds can use well-designed and striking business signs to help them look a cut above their competitors. By having signage that uses the company’s branding in a visually effective way, a business can quickly and easily convey its style and company message before customers even set foot on the premises. In addition, having a well-constructed sign made from high quality materials reflects the quality of the business itself, instilling potential customers with a confidence in their ability to deliver excellent services and products.

We can create business signs with a range of techniques and materials, including flat-cut lettering, illuminated signs, banners, window graphics and monoliths. Depending on the requirements of each client, our business signs can drastically improve the potency of their visual marketing and branding.


A company’s business signs should reflect the image and target market that best reflect the desires and needs of each client within their respective industry; whether it be retail, sport, hospitality, healthcare or financial. Every company is different, whilst still having an ideal brand image to adhere to, and this should be embodied in every piece of signage.

We have been manufacturing, installing and maintaining business signs for over 30 years, and our experience with clients of all sizes and industries has lent us the expertise to know exactly what style of sign suits each new client. Whether we’re creating a quirky illuminated shop front sign for a restaurant or a sleek 3D monolith for an exclusive country club, every product from Centurion Signs is guaranteed to be unique and representative of the target market and stylistic expectations for the client’s industry.

Lasting Quality

One of the most important aspects of all business signs is that they are long-lasting, well made and expertly installed. There is nothing worse than having a new sign delivered that needs to be repaired or taken down within a week, due to poor or incorrect fitting, damage to low-grade materials or manufacturing defects. This can reflect poorly on the business if time is spent without a sign, if damages and are seen up close or if there is long-lasting repair work going on, not to mention creating a risk to the health and safety of both employees and customers.

Every business sign from Centurion Signs comes complete with our aftercare service. We take a lot of pride in our work and seek to make sure that every client is satisfied throughout the entire life-span of their signage. From quick and convenient repair work to re-installation of products and regular maintenance, we make sure that every client’s business signs are functioning as they should be, as well as ensuring that any repairs are carried out safely, skilfully and without hassle to the business or its customers.

Whilst our quality fitting of each new sign safeguards against any potential risks, unforeseen circumstances such as vandalism or accidental damage can cause inconvenient problems that need fixed quickly. That is why our experienced and qualified team will be on hand for any maintenance work or repairs that may arise, making sure every business sign is back in working order as soon as possible.


  • "First class job done by all the team at Centurion after the recent install of our Princess Royal Event Centre Large format backdrop and signage panels. The weather was very challenging on the day of install but the finish was outstanding and I speak for all at Ayr Racecourse in saying thank you!"

    Stephen Dunn
  • " As always very happy with the service provided by Centurion"

    David Evans
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