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The Importance of Signage for a Business

September 6, 2016

Shop signs are a crucial part of a business’s success. The way that a company advertises itself to the public is essential in ensuring that they are approachable, recognisable and memorable. The impact that a sign can have is essential, large exterior signs as well as smaller, more simple signs can make sure that you are constantly reminded of the business. A shop sign is the first and last impression you will get from a company, if done effectively it can make sure of a successful business, creating an increase in sales, public and industry recognition and therefore a good company brand.

Shop signs are the most effective form of communication from a business to a consumer. An exterior 20% off sign will bring you in to the shop but the further signs inside will make up your mind as to whether you stay or not. As consumers we subconsciously recognise and remember the information of a business or brands all as a result of successful signage.

The range of signs possible are there to help all the varied companies. For example, a large flashing billboard in the city centre is not an appropriate for a small dairy company.

They design, layout and style of the sign that is chosen to represent a business also impacts in how the public perceive them and their message. The sign will be the basis for that consumer to form an opinion. For a less well known and small company with only a couple of competitors in the area, a sign can make all the difference and mean a whole lot more than a sign for an easily recognisable globally trusted business.

Digital signage is the most recent form that is now everywhere; train stations, bus stops, public spaces etc. Digital signs are effective in these areas because of the pace of life. A digital sign constantly changes the advert and so if you have a couple of minutes waiting for a train you could be exposed to numerous different adverts, for a range of things. Digital signage is therefore a crucial modern way of communication.

Shop Signs from Centurion Signs

The brand of a company relies on signs to make sure their message is put across to the public or people of concern. Centurion Signs are experts in manufacturing signs for many different companies. Offering a varied range and types of signs, they maintain a high standard throughout the sign making process. Responsible for re-branding the ‘City of Glasgow College’ signs and the transformation of the UK wide e-cigarette chain ‘Vapourized.’ The City of Glasgow College sign, with the letters towering over the new building can be recognised for miles. The effect of this will be immense on these companies in different ways.

If you are interested in shop signs for your business, get in touch to find out how Centurion can help you.


  • "First class job done by all the team at Centurion after the recent install of our Princess Royal Event Centre Large format backdrop and signage panels. The weather was very challenging on the day of install but the finish was outstanding and I speak for all at Ayr Racecourse in saying thank you!"

    Stephen Dunn
  • " As always very happy with the service provided by Centurion"

    David Evans
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