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An Easy Guide to Creating Shop Signs to Attract Customers

December 15, 2016

The design of your shop signs can have a huge impact on your ability to attract customers to your business. As your shop signs play a key role in marketing your business, it is vital that your signage creates the right first impression. At Centurion Signs, we understand the importance of creating attractive signs for your business, so we have put together this easy guide to help you create the perfect shop signs for your business.


The colour you choose to use on your signs plays a huge role in building a brand image and associations with your business. Perfect examples of this include: red and Coca Cola, purple and Cadbury’s and so on. By selecting the right colours, you can begin to build and develop the identity of your business. Many businesses may choose to use so-called “trendy colours”, however, it is important to consider that the trend may not last as long as your brand, so it is vital that you consider the longevity of the “trendy colour”.


A key part of the readability of a sign is in the contrast between colours. By using contrast in your signs, it will not only make them bold and easy to identify, but it will make them much easier to read. You should consider using light colours against darker ones, or vice versa. If you do choose to use similar colours, a bold outline around your text and graphics can help to make them stand out, making it much easier for people to retain the information given in your shop signs.

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This one is pretty simple, the larger the letters you use, the easier they are to read and identify, particularly from a distance. This is especially important to remember when creating road side signs, as a larger text means that people are much more likely to notice and remember your shop signs. This also applies to the style of font you choose. Although a thin, flowery font may be the image you wish to convey, it may be harder to see this type of signage. Have a look at some of the shop signs Glasgow has to offer to see perfect examples of how your signs should look.

Short and Sweet

It is important that your signs are short and to the point. If you include too many words in your shop signs, people will not be engaged, and the sign will not catch the customer’s attention. By having a bold, short and snappy sign, you will catch the eye of those walking past, and encourage them to enter your shop. For more tips on how to create the perfect shop sign check out our last post.

Shop Signs from Centurion

At Centurion Signs, we pride ourselves on creating high quality, attractive and effective shop signs. Whether you are looking to rebrand or update your signage, we have the solution for you. At Centurion, we take full control of the sign making process from initial consultation and design to the final installation, so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest standard and quality of signs possible. Interested in developing new shop signs for your business? Get in touch to find out how Centurion Signs can help you.


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