Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Remote Display Management

Welcome to Centurion Signs’ Digital Signage solutions, where we are proud to present the very latest in digital signage technology.

In this fast paced digital world the requirement for instant change and update has become great. With business and organisations competing to get their latest message seen, time and clarity are key factors.

So with our Cloud based display management system our customers are able to change their displays remotely, in seconds, when their latest design is ready. Our solutions provide total versatility in order to get your message across with maximum impact.

Our Digital Signage Solutions

Our range of solutions covers all applications from standard retail digital signage to outdoor, large format LED walls.

We have a mature display management system to match specific applications, either locally or remotely through secure cloud based platforms, which provides the ability to manage a global network of displays if required.

Outdoor Solutions

Our outdoor digital signage solutions are ideal for running
eye-catching, professional messages to communicate better with the public, or promote your organisation with maximum impact.

In sectors such as Retail, Stadiums, Transport and other public sectors we can provide single and multi-screen solutions depending on your requirements. These can help capture footfall, display important information or simply promote your business or organisation.


Indoor Solutions

Our range indoor digital signage solutions are suitable for any industry and can fit a variety of purposes, e.g. promotion, point of sale, menu boards and information screens.

With our display management system, information that is regularly updated, such as menus and house listings, can be managed without the requirement for the recreation of traditional signage. Also with our touch screen options you can encourage customers to further interact with your offerings.

If you are concerned with the introduction of modern equipment into your current décor, we can provide surrounded solutions that complement the theme of your space.