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10 Benefits of Shop Front Signs

June 7, 2016


In today’s high street, striking, well designed shop front signs are paramount. The perfect shop front signs should stand out from the crowd and reflect the image of your company through exceptional and effective design, quality of materials and construction.

The effect that a shop front’s appearance has on its success cannot be underestimated! It is the difference between being noticed or not noticed; being found or not being found; beating the competition or losing.

We discuss the benefits of shop front signs with many of the businesses we work with in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, and the following 10 points are touched on a lot. So we have collated them in this article to help business owners understand the importance of the decisions they make when selecting signage for their shop:

  1. Shop-Front-Sign-Illuminated

    Countrywide Clarkston, Glasgow

    Be Noticed
    Exterior shop signs draw attention to your business and differentiate your shop from the competition on the street and surrounding area.

  1. Ensure You are Found
    Some customers may be travelling from another area, or may be visiting your shop for the first time. So it should be easy for them to locate you on a busy street. If your sign is illuminated then you will also be found at night, and in Scotland where winters are long and dark, this is highly important.
  1. Reinforce Your Brand
    Good shop front signs can reinforce your brand and should display the quality and professionalism of your business. First impressions are made in seconds.
  1. Marketing Opportunity
    Signs are a very effective marketing tool. If your shop sees a lot of passing trade then signs can promote services and offers 24/7.
  1. Cheaper Than a Newspaper Ad
    Carefully designed shop front signage that promotes your business, services and any offers can actually be cheaper, and be more effective, than a weekly newspaper Ad. You would pay a lot of money for a newspaper ad that was seen as many times per day as your shop sign.A £1500 shop front sign could cost the same as 9 or 10 newspaper ads per year… That’s less than one per month.
  1. Be Remembered
    Research shows that on average 85% of a shop’s customers live or work within 5km of it.
  1. Relocation = New Customers
    Roughly 15% of the population moves each year, which means that you have 15% new customers to attract each year through signage.
  1. Signs Increase Profits
    Studies have shown that the addition or change of a shop’s signage directly increases sales. Whether this is the addition of an illuminated sign outside or directional signage; your shop’s interior signs should not be forgotten.
  1. Attract the Impulse Shoppers
    Studies have shown that depending on the type of business, between 20% – 45% of shoppers stop on impulse. So ask yourself this question, would you stop after glancing at your signage?
  1. Off-Site Signage
    If you don’t happen to be located on a busy high street, or even if you are, strategically placed signs in the surrounding area can direct and influence passers-by. So take advantage of all types of signs, large and small.









  • "First class job done by all the team at Centurion after the recent install of our Princess Royal Event Centre Large format backdrop and signage panels. The weather was very challenging on the day of install but the finish was outstanding and I speak for all at Ayr Racecourse in saying thank you!"

    Stephen Dunn
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